Cheryl Pady I

Some great pictures from Cheryl at the Swift Current kite festival Canada!!!.

Cheryl Pady

Some great pictures  from Cheryl at the Swift Current kite festival Canada!!!.

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The water castle of 's Herenelderen is on the territory of Tongeren (Belgium). The moated castle is surrounded by a park with many large fishponds using the waters of the Demer River.


Today, I spent the afternoon at Perkpolder. One of the most beautiful place in Zeeuws vlaanderen.   Sorry to hear that soon this area will be turned over into a golf course, recreation houses and a hotel...


Testing together with Jan my new power toy . 27m2 . Although it wasn't set up correctly, it was taking off wonderful (Warning: Don't pull the break-lines to hard...)
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Thank you for the great moments at the Saint Honoré - and SaskPower Windscape kite festival!!

Picture made by:
Cheryl Pady
from Edenwold, Sask.

Two of them


Windscape International Kite Festival

he 12th Annual Saskpower Windscape International Kite Festival was held June 25 & 26 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. 50+ kite fliers gathered from all over North America and one guest, Bert Maetens, came from Belgium.


The millennium falcon of the 'Les Sens Ciel' kite club in a nice setting with my cyclops eye kite

Sled kite

You always have to have it with you


Kitchen man in action on the kite festival westende 


Designed by Jan Claes;  Made by Bert Maetens:   An inflatable single line kite.... The edge of the octagon kite is a tube, The sail sits at the front of the tube.  


Flying our inflatable kites at the kite festival in Westende.  Designed by Jan Claes;  Made by Jan, Geert and me.


Looking forward to fly my kites next week at the windscape festival in Canada next week!
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