A Kites is a victim Leonard Cohen 1965

A kite is a victim you are sure of.
You love it because it pulls
gentle enough to call you master,
strong enough to call you fool;
because it lives
like a desperate trained falcon
in the high sweet air,
and you can always haul it down
to tame it in your drawer.

A kite is a fish you have already caught
in a pool where no fish come,
so you play him carefully and long,
and hope he won’t give up,
or the wind die down.
A kite is the last poem you’ve written,
so you give it to the wind,
but you don’t let it go
until someone finds you
something else to do.
A kite is a contract of glory
that must be made with the sun,
so make friends with the field
the river and the wind,
then you pray the whole cold night before,
under the travelling cordless moon,
to make you worthy and lyric and pure.


I am always happy to see that my KAP pictures are found on the internet and than  published.    This is a nice booklet about the herhaldry of abbeys and monestries in Belgium;  More specific about the abbey of Tongerlo.    (The cover pictures is not mine)

Roda de Isabena

A place called El Villar...very close to Roda... not the safest place to do KAPing....

Roda de Isabena

 I've managed to make some kite aerial pictures of Roda de Isabene, despite the turbulent wind conditions combined with thermal flares…..It’s a perfect exercise in kite control and managing risque   :-)


Mediano was a small town of + 200 habitants before it was flooded in 1974.  The new created town next to the lake wasn't a success.
The church of the 16th century is still looming above the water.
Those pictures were taken on a unique moment that the lake was almost empty

Roda de Isabena

I know , I know, it's not the best movie, but it can give you some impressions of walking in the streets of Roda;  This movie was made in June 2016... The top touristic season in Roda... That's why there are so many cars and people.... Our place (gate to our garden) start at 2:06 ... our house 2:56

Cheryl Pady I

Some great pictures from Cheryl at the Swift Current kite festival Canada!!!.

Cheryl Pady

Some great pictures  from Cheryl at the Swift Current kite festival Canada!!!.

KiteFestival by Cheryl Pady on 500px.com


The water castle of 's Herenelderen is on the territory of Tongeren (Belgium). The moated castle is surrounded by a park with many large fishponds using the waters of the Demer River.


Today, I spent the afternoon at Perkpolder. One of the most beautiful place in Zeeuws vlaanderen.   Sorry to hear that soon this area will be turned over into a golf course, recreation houses and a hotel...